Ok, Frida. Tell us everything we need to know about you and your amazing bike brand, Banwood.

Describe your personal style.

My personal style is classic, comfortable and simple with a big love for the 70's. I’m drawn towards classic design and beautiful textiles, but like to combine it with a pair of sneakers or funky sunglasses.

When did you start Banwood? And why?

The company was founded in January 2016, but the idea of Banwood occurred a couple of years back from an interest in retro design and developed into an idea of how we could recreate something from childhood memories.
With today's development in technology, children have far lesser opportunities to what we call “real play”. We want to encourage kids to have an active lifestyle and play outside the way we used to when I was young.

Where are you from and where is Banwood's head quarters located?

I grew up in Stockholm, Sweden and my partner is from Cordoba Spain. I have always been curious and wanted to live in different places, so I moved to London for University and stayed for a few years. After that, I moved to Berlin where I met my partner and started Banwood. Our HQ based is in Cordoba, where he comes from and two external offices; one in Berlin and the other one in Barcelona where I’m based today.

What sets your balance bike apart from the other ones already in the market?

We think there are very few brands out there focused on creating timeless designs for children. We believe in rustic, durable and high-end materials and importantly, getting the details right. The design of our bikes is contemporary and playful, with a retro touch, which we also hope take parents back to their own childhood.

Having no children as yet, where does your inspiration come from in designing your products?

I have always been interested in fashion and design and I’m a very visual person. I’m always looking for inspiration in architecture, interior design and imagining how they could be developed to other shapes and colour combinations.

Trendwise, where do you see the bike market heading?

In Europe, cycling is a constantly growing trend as people are getting more aware of our environment and personal health. Our society is getting more adapted to cyclists and in many cities new bicycle lanes are getting built. We also see bike hire schemes getting more common around the world as transportation in most big cities.

If you decide to have a lifestyle change and do something else, what would it be?

I have always dreamt of being a tennis pro. Haha! | @banwoodbikes


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