Mother to children who are descendants of the Brothers Grimm and married to an icon in the music industy (her husband is owner of Satellite guitars and amplifiers), Gina Giampa Grimm is more than capable of making a name for herself. Here's 5 minutes with her as she shares highlights from our recent editorial shot at Presidio Park, San Diego California.

MILK & SODA: We adore your girls Valetta and Lulubell. How old are they and how did you come up with their names?

GINA: Thank you, we adore you! Valetta is 9 years old. She was named after her great great grandmother, who used to play piano in silent movie theaters. Lulubell is 6. She was named after a whimsical childhood nickname her grandmother called her aunt growing up. We thought these were both perfect fairy tale names to balance out their last name and tie in family history at the same time. And we also felt a connection to the meaning of the names themselves.

MILK & SODA: It looks like the girls had a great time on set. Which pieces did they love most from the collection?

GINA: All of them! My girls love sunglasses and couldn't get enough of the yellow and pink sunglasses. Valetta fell in love with the clip-on pom pom heart earrings and sweet rose rings. Lulubell loved the pink heart sunnies, sequin purse, and beautiful head wrap. They had a blast on set!

MILK & SODA: Do you find it hard shopping for tweens? What brands do you love most?

GINA: Yes. I do think it can be a challenge shopping for tweens. It's that in-between time from early childhood and those teen years where they become more independent. There's a gap in the fashion industry for tweens. I don't want to dress my tween as a teenager, nor do they find those styles reflecting who they are in any way. Some of our go to brands are Velveteen, Children of The Tribe, Feather Drum, Hello Simone, Hugo Loves Tiki, Wolf & Rita, and Omami Mini to name a few.

MILK & SODA: Let's talk about your past experience. Have you always been into photography?

GINA: Yes, a huge fan of photography as long as I could remember. My father instilled in me a love for photography when I was young, as well as teaching me the basics of shooting.

MILK & SODA: We hear that your girls are related to The Brothers Grimm. Fact or fiction?

GINA: Fact! A fun little family history tidbit. The kids are descendants of The Brothers Grimm. Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm are their great great great Uncles. Makes for a fantastic library at home. Fairy tales are in their blood!

MILK & SODA: When in San Diego with kids, you must...

See: The beaches, some favorites are Tourmaline, Coronado, and La Jolla shores. Tourmaline beach is a true surfers beach with beautiful cliffs. Coronado is a peaceful beach, with sand that sparkles of gold. La Jolla shores has gorgeous views, and has a small area dedicated to sea lions. We love Balboa Park, the kids enjoy going to the museums, carousel, and the giant antique pipe organ that is played weekly.

Eat at: Where do we start? So many places. Plumeria is a vegetarian thai place that is constantly being requested by the children. The girls love the cupcakes from Babycakes in Hillcrest. Whenever family or friends come to town, we always bring them to one of the local taqueria's, with Tacos El Gordo being a favorite.

Shop at: Pigment is a store I really enjoy that also has some children's brands we love, including Rylee+Cru, and The Bee and The Fox.

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