Tammy is not only a dedicated portrait and kids fashion photographer, but an all around down-to-earth chick who's up for a creative challenge.

Originally from South Africa, she currently resides in Melbourne and runs a busy schedule shooting lookbooks for independent brands, mini photo sessions and portrait photography.

After shooting an editorial in Melbourne's Chinatown, we got to know her better with a casual interview.

That South African accent is strong. When did you move to Australia?
I came to study in Australia when I was 18 and fell in love with Australia and didn’t want to leave. That was 13 years ago now.

What was the idea behind the name 'Minimo Peeps'?
When I first started on Instagram, I used to illustrate little characters that always had moustaches, so I called them Minimo Peeps.

However, as more people got to know me, they started tagging my photography as @minimopeeps, and eventually was known in the industry as that name.

Once I was recognized as that, I decided to delete all the characters that I had created as I wasn't illustrating anymore, and started to concentrate on my photography work.

How did you come about working as a children's fashion and portrait photographer?
After uni, my partner Joe and I wanted to travel a little. We saved up for a few years and then decided to live in Germany and England for awhile.

I got a job at a Portrait studio while we were in England. I really felt that I wanted to work more with kids and tried to push them to do more portaits of kids rather than focusing on families.

After 7 months in the UK, we decided to go back to the Gold Coast in Australia. We weren’t content with the creative industry there, so we packed up our car and drove the gruelling drive of 20hrs to Melbourne.

When I made the move here, I was inspired by some of my favourite kids fashion and portrait photographers and decided fashion and portrait photography of kids was definitely where I wanted to be in the industry. So I worked really hard learning and working in the industry until I built my own clientele.

Did you have a different career before photography?
You wouldn’t believe it if I told you, but I did a bit of Public Relations and Criminal Psychology. Haha! But I realised very soon that it wasn’t for me. I also did hospitality while studying.

What are the challenges you're faced with as a photographer and how do you tackle them?
One of the biggest challenges working as a kids portrait and fashion photographer, is keeping relevant to the industry and trying to be one step ahead whilst maintaining my own style and individuality.

One of the ways I tackle this is by trying to think ahead, looking at what some of the top photographers in the industry are doing in Europe and the US to see how I can bring it to the kids industry in Australia.

I also try to figure out where I want to be in the next few years so I can work towards my own goals. I am always photographing as many creative projects as I can, so that I am always learning new techniques and tricks.

What have you loved most about working on this editorial with us?
One of the best things about working on this editorial with Milk & Soda was being able to shoot in a way I don’t usually do, whilst trying to maintain my own style of photography.

I got to work along side some of the best in the industry, which makes me keep wanting to strive to be the best at what I do.

It also reminded me of why I do what I do, and why I work with kids predominantly. They are all so unique in their own way and no two kids are ever the same. | @minimopeeps


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