Whether she's on set directing or behind the lens shooting a campaign or managing social media content for her clients, you can spot Samantha Feyen's aesthetic a mile away.

Born in Maui and raised in Thailand, she's acknowledged as a highly respected photographer and creative strategist which includes producing multiple fashion shows such as Hawaii Fashion Month under her belt.

We had the privilege and absolute pleasure of working with her on set for our 'My Island Home' editorial, where she led us to some breathtaking rocky beachscapes and cliff top views of Oahu.

MILK & SODA: Your skillset is impressive; Photography, Media Management, Social Media Content Creator, Creative Consulting and Brand Development just to name a few. How does one become a one woman cavalry and achieve it all effortlessly?

SAMANTHA: How I manage to acquire all these skills I can thank college and starting my photography career at a young age. Starting so young makes you so curious and you venture off many paths and then you find yourself at what you're good at, and the rest is history.
As to how I do it all...I won’t lie, it took time and pure, undying love for it all. This stuff isn’t for the weak hearted.

It’s a lot of self discipline to work at home and on your own time; a lot of distractions can get you off course and before you know you’re 10 episodes deep into Stranger Things and you got nothing done (based on real life events). You have people yelling at you left and right for their photos you just took an hour ago, and to top it off, the website you built crashes and now you’re up till 5am trying to fix it (also based on real life events).

It took me over 7+ years to really find a balance and once you get that balance it all will start to become natural, and you remember why you love doing all these things in the first place.

MILK & SODA: Out of all the creative services you offer, which do you feel at most ease with?

SAMANTHA: Photography is my first love and when I am in my most confident.

MILK & SODA: How do you stay relevant with a point of difference?


While someone else is trying to be a carbon copy of another photographer, I’m just shooting things that are aesthetically pleasing to me. If other people see the vision too then great, but if not, then no sweat. You’re a photographer, you’re an artist, create art. I keep that in mind when I’m shooting and I think it translates to my photos.

MILK & SODA: What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now?

SAMANTHA: I honestly wouldn’t change a thing I’m doing now for the world. I plan to someday create an agency that has other like-minded individuals with the same goal of working towards building Hawaii’s fashion and creative scene. There is so much potential.

MILK & SODA: And lastly, when in Oahu, you must...

Shop in Chinatown - amazing locally owned stores such as Barrio Vintage and Fighting Eel.

Eat at - The Pig & The Lady, Andy’s Sandwich, Helena’s Hawaiian Food, Herringbone Waikiki, Vegan Hill, just to name a few.

Grab a cup o’ Joe at - Ars Cafe, Arvo, or both!

Beaches you must see - Cockroach Cove (where we shot), Kaiona Beach (it looks like Tahiti,) and Yokohama Bay (best stretch of beach)

For queries, visit | @samantheeyo
Model: Miami | @goodsgonnahappen


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