Ashton Howe, known to be Tasmania's film game-changer, took our vision of story telling and turned it into a veritable art form.

His attention for detail and sharp composition is all made to take everyone's breath away.

Have you always lived in Tasmania? Have you lived in other parts of Australia?
I’ve spent most of my life in Tasmania, it’s home for me. But I have worked around Australia, notably on Hamilton Island. I was there for about a year as the full time wedding videographer for the island.

Tell us about your past experience. Where did you work before you started your videography business?
I began in about 2009, my very fist paid gig was a wedding. I certainly didn’t think I’d end up shooting weddings full time. I continued to do corporate videos in Tasmania, until I applied for the job on Hamilton Island. That was a major turning point in my life. I went from shooting low-level business promo videos for a few bucks to capturing some very expensive and lovely weddings. It was a huge shift in pressure and creativity, but both those forces coalesced, which I found was a big deal for me. Capturing someone's special day is something I don’t take lightly.

When was the moment that you realized that you had 'arrived' and made a solid mark as a respected videographer?
Well, working with Milk & Soda is certainly a milestone for me. I don’t know if I ever really arrived, when I first started. There was me and maybe 2 or 3 other guys doing professional video for hire in Tasmania, now everyone's doing it. But the couples that I’ve been lucky enough to capture for their weddings here have been so lovely, and it might sound “businessy” but a happy bride is the best advertising you can ask for. My goal is to always push myself creatively, not get stuck in box and to tell stories, first and foremost. I think people will always respond to a well told story.

What inspires you and what influences your style of videography?
Everything. My wonderful partner is my biggest inspiration, but music is an enormous part of it for me, both in editing and in my downtime. Music choice in my work is such a big part of whether or not you get that “feeling” from a video that tells you it's right. I’m heavily influenced by the films I see, the music I listen to, but more than anything I get inspired by people and their stories, especially the ones that are a little different. I think no matter I'm doing, whether it’s a wedding, documentary, promotional material for a business, I always try to find the core emotion, there's always a story. I’m not sure what my style is really, I’m hyper critical of my own work and always feel I can be doing better, but I don’t consider that a negative.

Give us your two cents on pursuing your passion.
I was a lazy teenager, and not smart enough to learn a trade, so I was a bit slow to figure out what I was going to end up doing. I was always drawn to cameras but didn’t get serious about it until I went to TAFE. I met like-minded people, began to create, and make mistakes. That's the most important thing, which is very difficult sometimes - is to remember that making mistakes is not just OK, it’s essential. It’s all learning and growing, I think that's the same for any person and their passion. As hard as I can be on myself and my work I know it’s all for the best, if you’re not trying, failing & learning you’re just going nowhere I guess.


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